While we employee specialist teams on long-term projects, used car development, profit improvement and sales makers, and we also employ many people on specialist assignments – Brand
Managers, Dealer Marketing Specialists, CRM, Press Relations, Pool Car Management, Electric Vehicle Specialists – the list is growing.

I head up this important part of our business. It’s my job to add great people to our team, then look after these employees, agree on KPI targets with our clients and help our people achieve their

More than simple outsourcing (prohibited in many European markets), AMS people deliver a specialist service or specific assignments. I make sure we comply with the various local labour codes
in respect of off-headcount employees, and that we deliver a measurable service, as opposed to a ‘hired hand’ we never speak with.

I get to engage with a network of candidates in many countries to participate in the various teams and special events we run for our people. If you join AMS, you join the family!