As a pioneer of electric vehicles (EVs), BMW has shown its commitment to next-generation technologies. It is still part of a multi-solution strategy, with the latest in supper-efficient internal combustion still very much part of the mix. But customer feedback on the i3 and hybrid electric vehicles is accelerating the introduction of electrified drivetrains, with 90% of EV customers saying that they’re not going back to a traditional engine.

The next developments in electric vehicles are focusing on increasing vehicle range and reducing recharging times, and rapid progress is being made on the next generation of solid state batteries which will move the game on massively. Technological advances have never been this rapid, so BMW Group are quickly changing their business to bring the latest innovations to customers – electric vehicles will swiftly be at the company’s centre of gravity.

In Scandinavia, alternative power is already in the mainstream, but the pace of change is quickening, and BMW Group are re-thinking the customer journey in preparation for their switched on new drivers, and paving the way for the next advances in automotive that are currently on the horizon.  Autonomous vehicles will change our relationship with personal mobility, and require a revolution in automotive infrastructure.

Central to this will be a re-imagining of the role and responsibilities of the traditional dealer. What will e-mobility customers require? Will they need access to a range of vehicles for different journeys – one type for city commuting, another for long-distance family trips? How will the vehicle servicing requirements change? What charging equipment will customers need at home or at work? How will dealers resource themselves for customers who are always ‘on’? This will be the most fundamental shake-up in many generations.

BMW are already planning the future now, steering the coordination of services to deliver an entirely new customer experience across the Scandinavian region, as well as other markets, to herald a new automotive era.

The future is electric vehicles, and, with BMW, it’s electrifying.

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